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Misi Jaya Tuition Centre 
has been established since early 2008 and is featured as one of the best tuition centres in Malaysia. Misi Jaya Tuition Centre provides a conducive and comfortable environment for the extra tuition education. Since February 2020, we started offering LIVE interactive online classes via Zoom for the convenience and safety of our students. We cover subjects from Primary to Secondary School levels at reasonable fees. The size of our classes ranged from small (3-5 students) to medium (6-20) and large (21-50) students depending on the level of the students. Lessons are supplemented by tutorial worksheets, past year question papers, trial examination papers, tips on study techniques, Q&A sessions, motivational talks and personalized attention.

Under the specialized guidance by our committed and experienced teachers, students enrolled with Misi Jaya Tuition Centre will be encouraged to learn and succeed. Our teachers' teaching methods have been proven as our students have made great improvements in their studies and have scored excellent results in their examinations. At Misi Jaya Tuition Centre, we also educate the minds of children so that they live a more educated and informed lifestyle, which can translate to not only academic excellence, but all round excellence in life.

Positive reviews from parents and students:
"I'm impressed with the methods used by the teachers to conduct their classes. The teachers are very profesional and experienced. Their explanations are also very detailed and easy to understand. My son looks forward to his online classes every week." ~Mrs. Lee (parent)

"When Aleesya was failing her maths in Primary 4, her self confidence was affected too. Searching for help, we enrolled her for classes with Ms. Shirley. We always get a glimpse of how she conduct her classes. She's really a good teacher that able to connect with the students, did not leave anyone behind and even when she is stern, it's because she wants the students to focus in class. We can see that the students feel comfortable and they really had fun while learning. This is proven as Aleesya scored from F to As in her exams." ~Pn. Laila (parent)

"I obtained straight As in my major examination. Before attending classes at Misi Jaya, I did not really know how to answer the questions properly, but after, I'm able to answer the questions easily using the texhniques that I have learned. The teachers at Misi Jaya are very patient and helpful". ~Joe Well (student)

"The online classes are really GOOD and EFFECTIVE. It feels like I'm at the tuition centre, right in my home. My studies have been consistent and I understood everything that has been taught by the teachers." ~Mukhriz (student)

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