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What Parents Say About MisiJaya Tuition Centre?






“I like the fact that my daughter, Nurul Adninn is having fun while learning at Misi Jaya. That makes her want to continue learning.”

► By Puan Norzeham (Kota Damansara)
  “The teachers at Misi Jaya are very knowledgeable and professional. My daughter, Lily has obtained 5As in her UPSR.”

► By Mrs. Ghazali (Mutiara Damansara)
  “My daughter Calista has obtained 5As in her UPSR. Thank you.”

► By Veronica Arunan (Petaling Jaya)
“Mrs. Chooi is  an excellent tutor and a very organized person. She was  a tutor to my son, Derek, when he was in Form 3 preparing for PMR.  Her lessons geared him towards preparing for his trial examination  and the final examination in 2001.Under her expert handling of the  subject areas for PMR, and guidance, my son became more confident of  the syllabus requirements. Constant practice of worksheets and  assessments during the year prepared him well for the actual  examination, and he achieved 6 A's ,and we are definitely very proud  of him, and extremely grateful to Mrs. Chooi for her tuition  methods. Mrs. Chooi is also currently tutoring my youngest son who  is in Standard 4. She has been teaching him since early 2002. During  this period, he has gained more confidence in Bahasa Melayu.  Constant practice in Mathematics has helped him improve in the  subject, and he has become more accurate and meticulous in his work.  Without any doubt, my son appreciates Mrs. Chooi ‘s guidance as she  imparts knowledge with patience. His final results for the past 2  years have been A's, and he is very pleased with his achievements.  As a parent, I am proud of his hard work and achievements, and  indebted to Mrs. Chooi for her tuition methods.”

► By Mrs. Audrey  Lee (Petaling Jaya)
  “Sunil got 6As  and 1B for his PMR this year. Shirley, thanks for all your help. God  Bless –omna”

► By Mrs.Ong  (Damansara Jaya)


“Li Xian's  results - 6As and 1B. Thanks for all your hard work~ Shirley is a  dedicated and hardworking tutor. My eldest daughter is now in Form 4  and Shirley has been tutoring her since Year 6. I am pleased with  the improvement shown in my daughter's studies. Shirley is also  tutoring my younger daughter, who is in From 1 now. Also, I have  recommended Shirley to many of my friends.”

► By Mrs. SH Tan  (Damansara Jaya)
“Mrs. Chooi was  tutoring my 2 boys for more than 2 years in Maths and BM.  She has a very systematic process to teaching and is very organised. She  explains concepts very clearly, and though strict, is very patient.  My kids have improved a lot since taking lessons from her.”

► By Alice (Petaling Jaya)
  “My daughter, Samantha got 5As for her UPSR. Thank you so much.”

► By  Catherine (Taman Mayang Jaya)
  “My daughter,  Amaraa started lessons with Shirley for Maths and Science while in  Primary 6. In that time and well before the exams, Shirley managed  to cover Primary 4, 5 and 6 syllabus so thoroughly. Shirley is a  very disciplined teacher. She is very responsible and took the lead  of ensuring my daughter’s excellence in both these subjects. She  attended to all my daughter’s needs in both subjects from teaching  to getting revision questions. All worksheets were checked and  marked promptly. All her explanations were clear and straight to the  point. With Shirley, Amaraa excelled in both subjects despite her  heavy extra curricular activities in school. My daughter became an A  student under Shirley’s tutoring. I would recommend Shirley to all  parents and Shirley has gratitude from both my husband and I.”

► By Veronica  Arunan (Petaling Jaya)
“Shirley has  been teaching my son Bahasa Melayu and English since year 2004. She  is a very conscientious and hardworking teacher. My son has shown a  great improvement and scored straight As in his UPSR examinations.”

► By Mrs.Hong  (Taman Megah)
  “Miss Shirley Chooi has been a very dedicated tutor to my daughter, Yoke Ling. Not  only has she proved to be fully effective in her way of teaching,  but has also guided my daughter to organize her preparations for her  PMR and now SPM. Shirley maintains a good rapport with her, and her  untiring efforts are motivating too. I particularly valued her  reliability and thoroughness. Her dedicated and  committed tutoring certainly merit an excellent rating.”

► By Linda Chin  (Taman Tun Dr. Ismail)




  “Mrs. Chooi has  been teaching my children since year 2002.She has helped my sons  improve in their Mathematics tremendously. In providing worksheets  for them to practice,they have become apt in solving Mathematics  problems. My daughter's Tatabahasa(BM) has also improved since Mrs. Chooi started teaching her. Her diligence in conducting her classes is to be commended.”

► By Mrs. Keu  (SS2, PJ)
“Shirley is a  responsible and dedicated tutor. She teaches my two sons at a  measured pace in order for them to excel in their examinations. I  can see that Xiang has improved a lot in his Maths and Science - a  true reflection of her expert tutoring. Good job, Shirley.”

► By Mr. Victor  Soon (Petaling Jaya)
  “My daughter,  Farah Hanis, has shown a good progress in her subjects. She also  told me that Mrs. Chooi has never fail to answer all of her  questions. She uses her own way to enable my daughter understand  better. She is a very good teacher.”

► By Puan Rozina  (Bandar Utama)
  “Mrs. Chooi is very systematic and consistent in the way she  conducts her tutorials. She also has a pleasant personality.”

► By Subaida Bt.  Haneefa (Petaling Jaya)


“Mrs. Chooi has  been teaching my daughter since year 2002 and she is disciplined,  conscientious and organized in conducting her tuition classes. She  is also very patient and tries hard to ensure that my daughter  understands all the subjects.”

► By Puan Liza  (Petaling Jaya)