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“I got 10 straight As for my SPM. Misi Jaya has a conducive environment for studying and it is a very nice place. The people here are very friendly and nice. The teachers are very smart and knowledgeable too. Because of Misi Jaya, I managed to achieve my target, 5As in my UPSR. I’m very happy!"

► Lily Diana Ghazali (Sri Cempaka)
  “I got 5 straight As for my UPSR. I have 3 T’s for this tuition centre: 1. Thanks for the memories. 2. Thanks for the patience and good guidance. 3. Thanks for everything  you have done for me. The accomplishment  of 5As wouldn’t have come without your diligence and care that you have put into your teaching. Thanks so much again.”

► Celinne Teh Sze Ning (Sri KDU)
  “Misi Jaya is the BEST place to study. It is also very clean and comfortable. The tuition centre is very nice and modern. The teacher helps me a lot in my studies. I improved a lot after my mother enrolled me to Misi Jaya. I enjoy coming here for tuition and I will never regret choosing Misi Jaya.”

► Nicholle Ann Jeremiah (SMK BUD 4)
“Misi Jaya is GOOD! The teachers will focus on important topics and drill us until we fully understand.”

► Jason Santhanaraj (SK Subang Bestari)
  “I have been studying at Misi Jaya since year 2009. It is a very nice place and the teachers are very friendly and professional. I have a lot of fun learning there.”

► Nurul Adninn Atiqah (SMK BUD 4)
  “ I have been attending Additional Mathematics lessons at Misi Jaya since last year and so far, everything has been good to me. Now, I have understand the subject better and I will prove it in my grades.”

► Chiam Sheng Yang (Sri KDU)
“Misi Jaya is a fun place for learning. Besides that, the environment is also clean and comfortable too”

► Stephanie Ang Mei Ling (Sapura Smart School)
  “Wei Jing and I got 6As for our PMR, Thank you, teacher”

► Emily Chan and Ng Wei Jing (SMK Damansara Jaya)
  “I got 7 straight  As for my PMR ~ Thanks a lot. Thank you so much for all the work and  practices. After all the teaching and hard work, everything has paid  off. I finally got 7 straight As. So, again and again, I thank you  for everything. Yours truly, William Keu.”

► William Keu Hui Lim (Sri Cempaka)
“Thank you so much Mrs.Chooi! I wouldn't have got 7 As for my PMR without you. =)”

► Lai Kar Mun (Sri KDU)
  “I got 6As and 1B  for my PMR. Mrs. Chooi started teaching me since early of the year.  My BM needed help as the marks that I was getting was in the 60-65  zone. She drilled me a lot and I started getting As in my school and  PMR Trial examinations. I am happy that I got A for my BM in my PMR  this year. I could not have done it without her. Thank you.”

► Nigel Keu Hui Kee (Sri Cempaka)
  “I have got my PMR results, 6As and 1B. Thank you so much. Without your help I would  not have got 6As. I want to thank you for your teaching and have  confidence in me ~ I promise to work harder next time :X ”

► Tan Li Xian (SMK Damansara Jaya)
“I got 6As and 1B  for my PMR. Mrs. Chooi is an amazing teacher. I have improved a lot  after being taught by her. She is a wonderful teacher. I enjoyed her  lessons because they are very interesting and fun. I hope God will  bless her and she will have a wonderful life. Thank you so much!”

► John Lim Kah Zie (Sri Cempaka)
  “I got 5 straight  As for my UPSR. I enjoyed all of Mrs. Chooi’s lessons. She has made  Maths and Science so simple and interesting. She also taught me the  importance of eating well, being disciplined and managing my time  properly. I always look forward to her tuition lessons no matter how  tired I am after school.”

► Amaraa Reyna Arunan (SK Convent Bukit Nanas 2)
  “Mrs. Shirley Chooi  is the best teacher I have ever met. She is the one who has taught  me the ways to answer Science and Maths questions correctly,  especially on the structural part. I will not do well in my exams  without her special guidance. She always motivates me to work harder  and not to give up. I will do my best in my exams and sincerely hope  that she will continue to teach me despite her tight schedule.”

► T.Suguna (SK Convent Bukit Nanas 2)
“I got 5 straight  As for my UPSR. Thanks! teacher. I couldn't have done it without  you. I have learnt a lot from Mrs. Shirley Chooi. She is very nice.  Before I started lessons with her, I wasn’t very good in my English  and BM. Now, my grades have improved a lot. Her teaching method is  very effective and organized. Although she can be quite strict at  times, it is fun to learn with her as she doesn’t come with a sour  face. By now, I think I have mastered the subjects that she has  taught me. Every time I get back my results, I find that I am  gradually improving. By doing corrections, I am learning from my  mistakes. At the same time, I am getting more practice. The homework  given by her isn’t actually a lot. Sometimes, it can be  mind-boggling but sometimes it isn’t so hard. Since she has taught  me for 3 years, I really have collected a lot of memories with her.  I really like her to teach me. She is the best tutor I have ever  had.”

► Samantha Chloe Anthony (SK Taman Megah)
  “I got 5 straight  As for my UPSR. Mrs. Shirley Chooi is a very kind and responsible  tutor. She has been teaching me for about 3 years. Under her  guidance, I got 90% for my BM Paper 1 and 88% for my BM Paper 2 in  my school examinations. When I informed my mother about my results,  she was surprised and shocked too as I used to get low marks. At  times, she is quite strict but systematic when conducting her  lesson. Her wisdom and encouragement made me feel motivated to do my  work properly. I feel her tuition lessons are very special and I  always look forward to attending her classes. I enjoy her tuition  lessons very much.”

► Hong Heng Fai (SK Taman Megah)
  “Just want to let  you know that I appreciate your efforts and I probably wouldn't be  here if it wasn't for your help, so thanks.”

► Douglas Chung (Garden International School)
“Mrs. Shirley Chooi  has been teaching me since early 2005. She is always punctual and  very systematic. She teaches me English, Science and Mathematics.  Although she always gives me loads of exercises to do, I enjoy her  lessons because they are very interesting. She can be strict when it  comes to work and exam time. However, she is also a very fun  teacher. She is indeed a cool teacher and she rocks!”

► Mah Li Lian (Sri KDU)
  “Mrs. Chooi is a  nice teacher and has a very systematic way of teaching. Other than  that, she also understands a student’s difficulties in attempting  questions. She is also a patient teacher and never give up to make  her student understands a subject. I am grateful and thankful to  have her as my tuition teacher as my Maths and Additional Maths  results have really improved. Therefore, I would encourage all  students to go ahead and take her tuition lessons.”

► Chin Yoke Ling (SMK TTDI)
  “I am very glad to have a tutor like Mrs. Chooi. It is very difficult to find a tutor  as good as her. When we have problems in our studies, she will try  her best to help us solve our problems. During her lessons, she will  explain to us patiently and will make sure that we fully understand  the things that are being taught by her. That is the reason I always  get “A”s for my examinations. When we make mistakes, she will  explain why and where we did wrong. By this way, I will learn from  my mistakes and will not repeat them in the future. She is indeed a  very good tutor.”

► Yeoh Min Li (SMK Bandar Utama 1)
“Mrs. Chooi is a  patient, kind-hearted and educated tutor. I have improved a lot  after being taught by her. She teaches me Malay which used to be my  worst subject. Now I can score an “A” easier than last time. My  essay writing has improved too. I’m very happy and contented even  though it’s just a lower “A”. However, I will continue to strive  harder to achieve better results in my next examination. I would  like to express my gratitude to her for teaching me all this while.  If she hadn’t taught me, maybe I would have already failed my Malay  examination by now. Thank you, teacher!”

► Yeoh Xin Yi (SMK Bandar Utama 1)
  “Mrs. Chooi is a  good tutor. My Bahasa Malaysia has improved a lot under her  guidance. Now, I know the ways and tips to write good essays to gain  more points for my exam.”

► Tan Li Ling (SMK Damansara Jaya)
  “Mrs. Chooi started  teaching me since last year. Ever since then, my grades for all  subjects have improved tremendously. Every time when she conducts  her tuition lesson, her face is always cheerful and I have never  seen her feeling sad. She is also a nice and pleasant tutor. I can  understand her teaching more than my school teacher. For the  questions that I don't know, I will always ask her and she will  explain to me patiently until I fully understand them.”

► Nur Deanna ( SK Bukit Damansara)

“Ever since Mrs.  Chooi started teaching me, my marks have improved a lot especially  in BM, Maths and Science. She always helps me with my studies. I enjoyed her  tuition lessons very much."

► Nur Amirah (SK Bukit Damansara)
  “Mrs. Chooi has  been my tuition teacher since my 2001.  Till now, she did not only  teach me how to study, she also taught me how to be hardworking and  disciplined. She's friendly, helpful, patient and cheerful. In every  class that she teaches me, never once she's sad or angry. My results  from D's and C's became A's and B's because of her patience. I was  lazy and slow.. haha. Finally, I got an A for my SPM Maths. Thanks  for everything, and I'm sorry for not writing the testimonial  earlier.  Wish you all the best in everything you do. You are one  teacher/friend I will never forget haha, thanks again!!!”

► Nicholas Chan Xeng Hui (SMK Damansara Jaya)
  “Mrs. Chooi has  been teaching me since year 1999. Over these years, she has been a  wonderful tutor and I have learned a lot from her. With her  excellent teaching methods, my grades have improved, especially in  Maths and Science. She has helped me solve various types of  questions with full patience. Now, I am able to attempt difficult  questions on my own and do my homework with more confidence. Many  thanks to her for coaching me all this while.”

► Soon Wei Xiang (SMK La Salle)
“Mrs. Chooi has  been tutoring me since year 2005..It has been a great experience and  my grades have improved tremendously after being taught by her.”

► Soon Wei Xen (SK La Salle)
  “Mrs. Chooi is a  very excellent tutor. After being taught by her, my grades have  improved tremendously. I would like to thank her for her dedication  in teaching me.”

► Kevin Tay Tzer Jiunn (SMK Kelana Jaya)
  “Mrs. Chooi  started  teaching me since year 2003. She has helped me understand my studies  well. If you don't understand anything, she will explain it to you.  I would like to thank Mrs. Chooi for guiding me!”

► Kathlyn Tay Li Yenn (SMK Kelana Jaya)
“Mrs. Chooi has  been a very good teacher to me and has taught me BM, English, Maths  and Science for the past few months before my PMR examinations. She  is a very dedicated teacher and is very serious towards her  teaching. She has changed my perception, especially in Maths which I  first thought the subject was very difficult to cope with. Now, I'm  able to understand and manage to solve most of the questions.”

► Farah Hanis (SMK TTDI)
  “Mrs. Chooi is a  very good tutor. She helps me in my Maths, Science and Bahasa Melayu. I have improved a lot in all these subjects. All thanks to Mrs.  Chooi. She is also a very nice and friendly tutor.”

► Anysa Hamid (SMK Assunta)
  “Mrs. Chooi taught me when I was in Form 3 which was back in 2001. In Form 1 and Form  2, I was not very good in my studies. With her guidance, I was able  to improve my grades to B's at least. Eventually, I achieved 6 A's  in my PMR examination; thanks to her dedication in teaching me.”

► Derek Lee (SMK La Salle)
“Mrs. Chooi has  been teaching me since early 2002. Since she started teaching me, it  was easier for me to understand my BM lesson better. I will continue  to be taught by her because she is very good in directing and  guiding me in different subjects such as BM, Mathematics, Science  and English. Finally, I managed to get 4 As and 1B for my UPSR.”

► Dion Lee (SK La Salle)
  “Mrs. Chooi is the best tutor I've ever had. She has been teaching me Mathematics since  year 2002 until now. I always get an 'A' for my Mathematics paper.”

► Michelle Chan Shuk Huei (SMK Damansara Jaya)
  “Mrs. Chooi has  been teaching me since year 2001. She teaches me English and Bahasa  Melayu. She has done an excellent job in helping me to improve my  English and Bahasa Melayu. I have improved a lot. Now, I always get  As and Bs for my examinations.”

► Emily Chan Shuk Huan (SMK Damansara Jaya)
“Mrs. Chooi has  been teaching me since 2001. Before that, I was very weak in my BM  and Maths. I always get a 'F' for those subjects. After she started  giving me tuition, I have improved a lot. Now, I always get 'B's and  'C's in my examination.”

► Karuna Keu Pui San (Maz International School)
  “Mrs. Chooi has  been teaching me since the middle of this year and my grades are  starting to improve. She is also a punctual tutor.”

► Naadia Begum Bt. Hussain (SMK Assunta)
  “Mrs. Chooi has  been teaching me Bahasa Melayu for a year and my marks for the PMR  trials have greatly improved. She is also very concerned about my  results and my PMR examination. Finally, I managed to score straight  8As in my PMR.”

► Ghulam Imran (SMK La Salle)


“Mrs. Chooi has  been teaching me since I was in primary school. Next year, I will be  sitting for my PMR examination. Ever since she taught me, my grades  have improved. My younger sister (Std 2 in a Chinese School) is also  taught by her. She has been very patient with her as my sister used  to have zero knowledge in BM and English (then Std 1). Now her  recent final results have shot up from "D"s to "A"s .”

► Chew Chui Yee (SMK Taman Petaling)

"I would first say thank you for helping me in my PMR. I honestly couldn't have done it if you all weren't here to support me and push me through my difficulties."

►Odette Ow (Sri Cempaka)


"I scored straight 7As in my PMR. Thanks to the teachers at Misi Jaya for their dedication and passion in teaching me to make sure that i understand what i am learning and also their patience and kindness. After joining Misi Jaya, my results have improved tremendously. Therefore, Misi Jaya has been my first choice in education."

►Jamie Lim (SMK BUD 4)


"I scored straight 7As in my PMR exam. I love my tuition teacher, Mrs. Chooi who has taught me for 5 years and indebted my awesome results to her. i just want to say that i love you no matter how big or small your tummy is. I cherished all the crazy moments we had."

►Celinne Teh (Sri KDU)





"First of all, i would like to say thank you to all the teachers at Misi Jaya. I just got transferred from a Chinese Secondary School. Within a short time, I managed to catch up with my studies and get good results in my exam."

►Jack Liew (SMK BUD 4)


"THANK YOU ! I choose Misi jaya because the teachers are very knowledgeable and profesional in teaching their students."

►Ryan Alexander Tan (Sri KL)


"I scored straight 7As in my PMR. Thank you for guiding me through everything prior my exam. the extra practice and tips really helped me during my PMR."

►Wong Kai Wern (SMK BUD 3)








 "I scored straight 7As for my PMR. Teacher Shirley has helped me a lot. Although i was struggling at times to understand Maths and Science topics, she never hesitated to help me and made everything so much easier to understand. She is indeed a TRUE teacher."

►Amaraa Arunan (SMK Convent Bukit Nanas)


"I got straight 5As for my UPSR. teacher Shirley is a very dedicated teacher. Unlike most teachers, she motivated and helped me to understand my work.i owe my results to her."

►Callista (SK CBN 2)