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Our Strength

Why Choose MisiJaya Tuition Centre as Your Preferred Tuition Centre?

Quality of Misi Jaya
Registered with the Ministry of Education
Well-trained and Experienced Teachers
Promotes Creative Thinking and Self-motivation
Quiet and Conducive Environment ;

Interactive Teaching Method

Student's Progress is Closely Monitored and Tracked;
100% Revision; of Topics
Standard 1-6 (UPSR)
Form 1-3 (PT3)
Form 4-5 (SPM)
Intensive Revision
100% Exam-Oriented Strategies
According to the Latest National Syllabus
Precise Information and Systematic Approaches
Focus on Important Topics
Inclusive of Notes, Worksheets & Past Year Questions
Creative Art Lessons
Develop and Improve Creative Expression;
Learn to Draw with Different Mediums and Techniques
Studying; Environment in Misi Jaya
Fully Air Conditioned
Quiet and Conducive Environment
Brightly-lit Classrooms with Comfortable Furniture
CCTV Monitored for Extra Security
Computer & Internet facilities